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Laparoscopy Specialist

Melinda Nicole Lamb, M.D. -  - General Surgeon

Melinda Nicole Lamb, M.D.

General Surgeon located in Costa Mesa, CA

If you regularly experience abdominal pain and it doesn’t respond to conservative treatment, consider laparoscopy. Dr. Lamb specializes in laparoscopic surgery at her self-owned practice Dr. Melinda Nicole Lamb MD in Costa Mesa, California. The process is minimally invasive, allowing for smaller incisions, less pain, and improved treatment outcomes. Laparoscopy can be used to treat a variety of different surgical problems. To make an appointment, call or click the online booking feature today.

Laparoscopy Q & A

What is laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure to diagnose or treat issues affecting your internal organs.

During laparoscopy, Dr. Lamb inserts a tool called a laparoscope –– a thin tube with a camera and a light on the end –– through a small incision in your abdomen. The laparoscope feeds real-time images to a TV monitor in the exam room, allowing Dr. Lamb to diagnose medical issues or make surgical repairs.

Who can benefit from laparoscopy?

Dr. Lamb might recommend laparoscopy and help develop a custom treatment plan if she suspects you have an underlying medical issue, like:

  • Gallbladder problem, gallstones, gallbladder polyps
  • An abdominal mass or tumor
  • Abdominal pain secondary to intra-abdominal adhesions (scar tissue formed after a prior surgery causing intermittent blockage on the intestines)
  • Cancer

How do I prepare for laparoscopy?

Before recommending laparoscopy, Dr. Lamb conducts a preoperative exam. She orders blood tests, urinalysis, and an electrocardiogram (EKG) to be sure you’re healthy enough to undergo surgery.

During your appointment, let Dr. Lamb know about any prescription medications or supplements you take. Certain drugs like blood thinners can affect the outcome of surgery, so she might ask you to change your dosage in the days leading up to your procedure. 

What does laparoscopy involve?

Dr. Lamb performs laparoscopy at a hospital or a surgical facility. Before starting the procedure, she administers general anesthesia through a needle, putting you to sleep.

Once you’re comfortable, Dr. Lamb makes a small incision just below your belly button. Then, she carefully inserts a small tube called a cannula through it. Dr. Lamb pumps carbon dioxide through the cannula, allowing her to see your organs more clearly.

Next, she inserts the laparoscope through the incision. The laparoscope provides a real-time video feed of your internal organs. If necessary, Dr. Lamb can insert small tools through the laparoscope and make repairs or collect a biopsy (tissue sample).

After completing the procedure, Dr. Lamb removes the laparoscope, stitches up your incision, and moves you to a recovery room for observation.

What is recovery like after laparoscopy?

Recovery after laparoscopy depends on various factors, including your age and current medical condition. Most people can return home on the same day of the procedure. Even so, you’ll need to take several days off of work. Follow Dr. Lamb’s recovery instructions.

To learn more about laparoscopy, make an appointment at the practice of Dr. Melinda Nicole Lamb MD by calling the office or clicking the online booking feature today.